Frequently Asked Questions

How far is a 5K?

3.1 miles

How much does the race cost?

Free! Participant t-shirts are also free, but with limited availability.  One t-shirt per person present until we run out.

Can non-state employees participate in the event?

Yes! However, all participants including non-state employees must follow the event rules and sign the waiver included in the registration form.

Please note that jogging strollers, children under 14, and pets are not permitted in the run/walk.

When’s race packet pickup? Can a co-worker or friend pick up my packet for me?

Race packet/t-shirt pick-up will take place on Thursday, September 14 in the Transportation Building (MnDOT) 1st floor lobby from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

The Transportation Building is on 395 John Ireland Blvd, southwest of the Capitol Building in St. Paul. In person registration will also be available at this time. You may pick up the packet of a coworker should they be unable to attend. You may pick up your packet on race day, but to avoid long lines on race day you’re encourage to attend packet pick-up.

Will there be porta-potties?

Due to the high cost of renting porta-potties, there will not be any for this event. Fortunately there are several buildings near the start area that offer public restrooms, including MnDOT (395 John Ireland Blvd) and the Department of Administration (658 Cedar St).

Where can I find a shower after the run/walk?

Unfortunately, because of the limitations on building access, most state buildings (private areas) are not available to employees who do not work in a particular building. Some buildings offer workout/shower facilities, some do not. We encourage employees to coordinate with others in their own building who may have access to facilities within their building.

Another option is to check with a local gym to see if they offer non-gym member use of their shower facilities.

Depending on your fitness and sweat levels, you might be able to get by with a shower in the morning before work and a cool down walk, plus a change of clothes and using a product such as Nathan Power Shower Wipes (check your local running store) for a little refresher before heading back to work.

Will there be awards?

Sure will! The three competitive age divisions for men and women are ages 18-35, ages 36-53, and ages 54+. The top three finishers in each age category will receive a prize during the award ceremony.

Where are the water stations?

There will be two water stations, one at the half-way point and another at the finish area.

Is this event chip-timed?

Yep! Instructions for attaching your chip will be provided at race packet pick-up. Please make sure that you are wearing your race number on your front and that it is visible as you cross the finish line. Race numbers and safety pins will be in your race packet.

This event sounds super fun but I don’t feel ready to run or walk 3.1 miles. How else can I participate?

Great question! You could still check out the free learn to run clinics. Another option is to volunteer in the days leading up to the event or on event day (more info about volunteering). If you happen to own or work at a business that is wellness/fitness/nutrition, etc. related, consider becoming a partner of this year’s event!

How can I participate when this run/walk is during the work day?

Talk with your supervisor about this wellness event! You may be able to combine your break time to participate and take transportation up to the Capitol area (Metro Transit, Uber, Lyft, carpool, etc.) to save travel time. Some employees are able to use flex time and others use some vacation time to change up their daily route by going for a run/walk over the lunch hour.

Tell me more about the route. Is it hard?

Check out the route map to familiarize yourself with the route (it will be marked on race day too).

Your best bet is to be sure you’ve trained (and have tested out your shoes and outfit!) to walk and/or run the 3.1 mile event. It is a hilly course and it could be a hot day. Come hydrated (there will be water near the halfway mark and at the finish of the course).

Please note that this is NOT a closed course. This means that there will be traffic along the route and runners/walkers are encouraged to use the sidewalk and/or the very inside edge of the road where appropriate. Yielding to traffic, bikes, and other pedestrians may be necessary.

As this is a fun run along an open street, you are REQUIRED to follow all traffic lights and signs. Police along the route will remind you that you MUST NOT cross against a yellow/red light.

Will there be volunteers or course marshals along the course?

Volunteer race marshals will be stationed throughout the course and they will have emergency contact information and cell phones, should you need their assistance. There will also be St. Paul police officers directing traffic. For your safety, please follow the directions of the race marshals and police officers.

Emergency Medical Technicians, dressed in blue EMT jackets, will be at various locations along the course. Please do not hesitate to ask them for help.

Can I wear headphones or earbuds?

Music can be very motivating, but in a race setting so can the volunteers and cheering fans! We encourage you to take in the full experience of the race, without headphones or earbuds. They can pose a safety risk as awareness of surroundings can become affected.


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