Final prep!

It’s race week! A few quick tips for the days leading up to the race:

  • You’ve done all your prep for the race on Friday. Don’t try to make up for any lost workouts. It’s time to decrease your training miles and most importantly, rest.
  • Speaking of rest, be sure to get plenty of sleep leading up to race day.
  • Eat well and drink plenty of water. Don’t try new foods the day of your race.
  • Only you can truly know what food (or no food, for that matter) works well for you pre-run/walk/race. You could err on the side of caution, since 15 to 60 minutes of activity doesn’t require a lot of fuel. For example, eat your typical breakfast before work and eat a light snack a couple hours before the race with some water. Good to go!
  • Check out the NEW course map for 2016

Good luck and have fun!


Learn to Run a 5K Clinic – Running Gear

The second clinic of the 2016 Run@Work Day season covered the essentials and accessories of running–THE GEAR.

The presenters discussed and demonstrated several fitness/running items, such as clothes (cold and warm weather), electronics, hydration aids, rollers (muscle massagers), headgear and other useful gadgets.

They emphasized wearing good shoes depending on foot type and that a specialty running store will help you with fitting. Also among the topics were wicking clothing, cooler weather clothes, running socks, various hydration systems, the benefits of good sunglasses, night running lights and vests, and GPS units (e.g. Polar, Garmin) and their features.

See our 2015 clinic recap for more gear tips!

Have a question about running gear? Contact us!

Learn to Run a 5K Clinic – Getting Started

The first ‘Learn to Run a 5K’ clinic of 2016 covered everything related to getting started.

On a beautiful summer day in St. Paul, 13 people joined members of the Minnesota State Capitol Run@Work Day 5K Run/Walk committee and other panelists at the Dept. of Labor and Industry for an energizing lunch n’ learn-style session.

The three presenters each shared how they got started in running…

Ralph – A member of the Run@Work Day committee and veteran runner and skier, Ralph shared this quote from a high school runner in response to the popular question of “Why do you run?”

“I run because I can. Because when I do, there’s always the chance to be extraordinary. A chance to start unknown and to finish unforgettable. A chance to overcome all obstacles, to fight through pain and suffering to test your emotional limits and boundaries, to experiment with the potential of the human body and discover just how far you can push yourself. And a chance to feel like a completely different person, a person who inspires others, and who they strive to be.” –Laura Weisberger

Check out more about Ralph and his tips for new runners in the 2015 recap of the Getting Started clinic!

Surprise yourself–start running and you will discover new things about you.

Marise – The youngest, and shyest, of six children, was never thought to become an athlete. However, Marise found that 5Ks are for people of all shapes and body types. She loves running because it’s great to be out in nature and good for mental health.

While running is great, Marise noted that we shouldn’t underestimate the benefits of walking. Walking works wonders on it own, and a run/walk training (and racing!) method can also dramatically improve your fitness.

Marise shared roadblocks many runners face and a few ways to overcome them…

  • “I’m not an athlete” – Rewrite that negative story into a positive one, such as “I am lapping everyone on the couch!” or “Each step forward is a step closer to my goal!”
  • Safety – Run in groups and in a well-populated area, check out a (free) run group at your local running store, or run over lunch (just bring along a fresh pair of clothes and some sport wipes to freshen up)
  • No time – Running and other physical activities are a fun and often free thing to do after work; be a role model for your kids or spouse and encourage them to ride their bike with you while you run (or bike too)
  • I can’t even run a block – Start where you are at right now, meaning don’t run too hard or too far until you build up your endurance, little by little; make sure you are breathing easy, or at least not so fast that you couldn’t hold a simple conversation
  • It’s boring! – Vary the terrain, try out some hills, trails, or the track. Create a peppy playlist or listen to a podcast while you’re out on the run. Run groups aren’t just an option for safety, they are super fun too!

You never know what you’ll be good at until you try it!

Becky – Motivated by time (hurdles are usually first in track meets) and enjoying the company of her friends, Becky ran track in junior high school and high school. Due to her height though, she ended up hating track and hurdles.

Now, Becky can’t envision life now without running! Her tips for getting started (again)…

  • Don’t push too hard
  • Running is an inclusive community, so get out there and make some new running friends!
  • Don’t care about your pace when starting out–just have fun!
  • Build up your distance gradually. Start with a mile, then work up to two and it’s OK to hang out there for a while before increasing even more.
  • Enjoy the runner’s high (adrenaline rush)
  • Run for time duration, not distance

Don’t worry, runners are people of all types, shapes and speeds. You ARE a runner.

If you’re still unsure about getting out the door for your first run ever, or in a while, browse these resources for some informative motivation. Or, just get out there and run (or walk)!

Additional Resources:

Next 2016 Learn to Run a 5K Clinic Running Gear is Thursday, July 21, 12-1 p.m. at Department of Transportation (MnDOT) in St. Paul.

First 2016 5K running clinic on June 22

Free running clinic for state employees is June 22 at Labor and Industry!

The first of three free running clinics for state employees considering participation in the 2016 State Capitol Run@Work Day 5K Run/Walk Sept. 16 will be held Wednesday, June 22.

The brown bag lunchtime session will be held from noon to 1 p.m. at the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, 443 Lafayette Road, St. Paul, in the Minnesota Room.

The June 22 clinic, titled “Getting Started,” is presented by both new and experienced runners for anyone who wants to learn to run or improve their current training routine.

Additional lunchtime running clinics will be held this summer from noon to 1 p.m.:

  • “Running Gear” — Thursday, July 21, at the Minnesota Department of Transportation, 395 John Ireland Blvd., St. Paul, Room CO G-13
  • “Getting Faster” — Wednesday, Aug. 17, at the Minnesota Department of Human Services, 540 Cedar St., St. Paul, Room 2370

No registration is necessary to attend the running clinics. State employees can attend on their own time.

Keep up to date with the Minnesota State Capitol Run@Work Day on social media!

Questions? Contact the committee online

Mark your 2016 calendars!

Runners and walkers, mark your calendars! Here are a few important 2016 Run@Work Day 5K dates:

Learn to Run 5K Clinics

Wed. June 22 @ 12-1 pm – Getting Started – DLI, Minnesota Room
Thu. July 21 @ 12-1 pm – Running Gear – DOT, G13
Wed. Aug. 17 @ 12-1 pm – Getting Faster – DHS, 2nd floor

8th Annual Run@Work Day

Fri. Sept. 16 @ 10:15 am-12:45 pm – Minnesota State Capitol grounds

Be on the lookout for more running clinic and event details!

It’s Run@Work Day!

Happy National Run@Work Day, everyone! Here’s to a beautiful day for a run and/or walk in Minnesota today. Good luck and enjoy!

You can still register at the MN State Capitol 5K Run/Walk event today; stop by the Capitol Mall between 10:30-11:15 am to get signed up and ready to run/walk.

Race Week Details!

Online registration ends TONIGHT (Tuesday 9/15) at 6 p.m. CST. 

You (and friends!) can still register at packet pick-up on Thursday (recommended) or race day on Friday (be sure to leave yourself enough time before the run/walk starts at 11:30 a.m.)

Packet pickup is this Thursday, September 17 from 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM on the 2nd floor of the Department of Transportation building at 395 John Ireland Blvd, Saint Paul, MN 55155. You CAN pick up packets for your friends, co-workers, etc. To avoid long lines on event day, please plan to pick up your packet on Thursday between 11am and 1pm.

There will be one line to get your packet (bag, timing chip, race bib) and a separate line to pick up a t-shirt if you’d like one (first come, first served).

5K Run/Walk is this Friday, September 18 at 11:30 AM! You must be at the start line by 11:30 in order to participate. Please note that course support (volunteers, signs, EMT’s, police) will end at 12:30 PM.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday at the 5K!