That Motivation Piece

Some of the best moments from recent travels out east with a group of close friends, were when we’d head out in the morning for a group run. Although each of us are some sort of runner (i.e. we’ve gone for a run at some point in our lives), we each had different goals, paces, and affection (or lack thereof) for running. But a very hilly stay in rural Vermont, and some free time (this was vacation after-all), made for the perfectly humbling conditions to encourage us to get out the door and hit the pavement (or in this case, VERY hilly gravel roads). At the time, I was on the cusp of not feeling particularly motivated to run regularly and in the midst of figuring out a balance in triathlon training. The week out east, though, proved to be the motivation I needed, in a way I didn’t expect–fun and unplanned. The final group run of the trip, in Massachusetts this time, was a refreshing change of scenery on an urban bike/pedestrian path on flat ground.

Running made its mark on that vacation as transportation too. How else do you get from the ferry dock to the destination you have in mind three miles away? This is where a good running backpack comes in handy (I used an REI Flashpack which I really like for the adjustability and two buckles to secure the bag on your body).

Another running-related result of that trip was offering to create a training plan for a fellow traveling friend that registered for the Twin Cities in Motion 10-mile race happening this October. Her go-to workout is a 3-mile run around the lakes in Minneapolis. So, my strategy for her was to increase her weekly long run mileage and to incorporate one hard intensity workout a week to build strength. Now that those hill repeats and interval workouts are listed in a Google Doc (easy to share and modify; part of a structured plan is adapting and adjusting as needed), she shared her motivation is high to get those harder workouts done. And of course, I’ll be checking in to see how they are going;)

So how can you motivate yourself to get running? Well, of course there’s the option of going on vacation with friends that like to run. Or perhaps more realistically for right now is asking a friend, co-worker, or acquaintance if they’d like to go on a run. Keep it fun, explore a new part of the city you haven’t trekked to before or head over to one of the many lakes this state has to offer and enjoy the scenery. Another way to get motivated is to print out a training plan and start checking off the workouts, day-by-day.

How do you get motivated to run? Do you currently run with a group from work, a local running store, or elsewhere? Share your thoughts in the comments section!


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