How to Participate Outside the Metro Area

It’s neat that we have a 5K right in St. Paul for all State of Minnesota employees. But what about all of the state employees who work outside of St. Paul? Here are some ideas for how you could get involved in National Run@Work Day

  1. Use some vacation time to trek over to Saint Paul to participate in the Run@Work Day 5K!
  2. Collaborate with other state agencies located in your building or area and host your own lunch time run or walk.
  3. Bring your running shoes and clothes to work; go for a run (or walk) over lunch. Even better, encourage a buddy or two to join you.
  4. Run TO work! Run home FROM work! See if these tips on run commuting would work well for you (it’s at least worth one trial run).
  5. If working out during the workday just doesn’t line up with your schedule, use the celebratory nature of the day to download a training plan and register for a 5K this summer or fall. Then start training and cross the finish line!

If you take the route of organizing a group run, either during the day or another time, the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) has posted several recommended guidelines for leading a group run.

What are your plans for National Run@Work Day? If you work outside of St. Paul, what are your ideas for participating in this year’s national celebration? Leave your answer in the comments!


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